Cosmetic Tattoo by Rosalie


Situated in Balmain, Sydney, NSW, Rosalie is a Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist offering high-quality, long lasting Cosmetic Tattoo, Para-Medical Tattoo and small body tattoo treatments.

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16B Beattie Street BALMAIN, New South Wales, Australia 2041

Main Phone: View Main Phone02 9555 2833

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Cosmetic Tattoo by Rosalie Pech


Your protection and comfort is my priority. All my Cosmetic Tattoo procedures are performed in high level hygienic conditions with client safety and protection as a priority. New sterile single–use disposable needle and parts are used for every client. The needles and parts come in individual sterile packs. No parts are re-used, and are disposed of after each treatment into a Sharps container. New pigment is dispensed for each client, and any unused pigment is discarded at the end of the treatment.

CT-AIVEP Training

CT-AIVEP is recognised for providing excellence in training standards and techniques offering the potential for higher quality services and superior outcomes.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Device: Amiea Linelle Supreme

CT-AIVEP Course 1:: Digital Machine Training (Module 6)

Preferred Contact Method: Via Telephone

CT-AIVEP Training Details: Completed Digital Machine training provided by Andrea Darby November 2010

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