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Andrea is a Founder & Executive Member of, a Cosmetic Tattoo Master Trainer: Medical Tattooist and Medical Camouflage Makeup Specialist and an International Expert in Cosmetic Tattooing offering expert opinion and witness services.

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Tennyson Street ELWOOD, Victoria, Australia 3184

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Unfortunately conflict and disputes can sometimes occur between cosmetic tattooists and their clients regarding the outcome of a micropigmentation service, disputes can also occur between technicians, and trainers and their students. In an ideal world all disputes would be resolved amicably and reasonably however that is not always the case and sometimes disputes may escalate to a point where the parties are unable to resolve the matter between themselves.

If you find yourself in this situation you may benefit from obtaining an independent opinion from a micropigmentation expert, here at between myself and my partner an RN - Australian Registered Health Practitioner we have a broad range of combined expertise relating to most aspects of micropigmentation services and some of the associated health related medico-legal issues.

Click the hyperlink above to visit my website and see the broad range of expert opinion and expert witness services that we are able to provide.

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Salon: Elwood Melbourne Australia
Training: International
Speaking & Presenter: International
Expert Opinion & Witness: International

Special Listing: Additional Member Information

Cosmetic Tattoo Client Services: Yes

Medical Tattoo Client Services: Yes

Tattoo Removal Services: Yes

Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies & Equipment: Yes

Cosmetic Tattoo Training & Education: Yes

Innovator of New Techniques: Yes

Speaker & Presenter: Yes

Consulting Services: Yes

Business to Business Services: Yes

Product and or Equipment Design & Manufacturer: Yes

Preferred Contact Method: Via Email Contact Form

International Dialling Number: +61 423 230 740

Philosophy of Business Practice: Ethical and impartial opinion provided for all matters related to Cosmetic & Medical Tattoo services.

Business Owner / CEO's Profile: Qualifications

I first completed my Diploma in Beauty therapy in 1985, and later I underwent formal training in Cosmetic Tattooing.
I have successfully completed advanced training in cosmetic tattooing including;

* Pain management
* Advanced Full Lip
* Hair like stroke eyebrows
* Problem solving
* Pain Control Safety & Effectiveness (American Academy of Micro-pigmentation)
* Specialised training in the Rejuvi Tattoo Removal Procedure
* Para-Medical Tattooing - at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery
* Use of latest Advanced Digital Machines (MT.Derm May 2012)
* Use of innovative Meso Vytal Cosmetic Cellular Boost Treatments (MT.Derm 2012)
* Use of full needle range including slopes, ditto & Vslope (MT.Derm May 2012)
* Amiea philosophy of practice (MT.Derm May 2012)

* Special Event on Medical Tattooing (Royal College of Surgeons London June 2012)
Areola Artistry - The latest specialist techniques in Areola complex creation as provided within key hospitals in the United Kingdom.

* Medical Tattooing Master Class (United Kingdom October 2012)
The latest techniques in Medical Tattooing as provided within key hospitals in the United Kingdom.

* Camouflage Makeup for Medical Conditions - Ripar Cosmetici a Major Cosmetic Physician & Plastics Clinic and Aesthetics Training Facility (Italy November 2012)

International Speaker & Presenter

In November 2012 I was invited to appear as one of the Master Lecturers to over 200 of the worlds leading practitioners at the Permanent International Congress (Berlin Nov 2012).

The invitation for me to present at the congress was in recognition of the exceptional services I provide here in Melbourne Australia and it was my honour to lecture at the congress and to be the only trainer invited to represent Australia at the prestigious event and my formal recognition as an elite International Master Trainer.

In August 2013 I was invited by Reed Exhibitions to present an educational lecture and demonstration at the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo, this was the first time that Cosmetic Tattooing had featured at the expo and it was an honour to be identified as the regional Master Trainer to present to the wider industry.

In September of 2014 I provided Medical Tattoo training service to one of the USA's leading Plastic & Reconstructive surgeons and his clinical/surgical team.

In October 2014 I provided a presentation as one of the Master Lecturers and also sat in the panel of experts at the American Academy of Micropigmentation conference in Miami-Bahamas. The invitation for me to present at the congress was in recognition of my status as an international expert in Micropigmentation and it was my honour to be the only trainer invited to represent Australia at the prestigious event.

I am a Diplomat of the American Academy of Micropigmentation a Board Certified Member (FAAM) and as of November 2014; I am Australia's only AAM Board Certified Micropigmentation Instructor (CMI).

Further information on my Industry experience can be read on my website on the link below;

Contribution to the Industry: * 2007 - Co development of a procedural technique that approached clinical methodology.
* 2008 - Co development of the leading training course in Australia and the innovative CT-AIVEP™ platform
* 2008 - Co development of the Virtual Pigment Mixer™
* 2009 - Development of 3D Simulated Areola Tattooing 3DSAT™
* 2011 - consultation with a PhD pharmacist for the development of a range of Cosmetic Tattoo topical anaesthetics
* 2012 - Co development of the most comprehensive course in Scalp Hair Follicle Simulation Tattooing SHFST™
* 2012-2013 - Co development of the innovative Global Membership for Cosmetic Tattoo™

Aspirations / Goals: * To provide excellence in client services and training and education
* To lift the bar in the standards of education for Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing
* To help raise the professional standing of Medical Tattooists by providing the highest standards in education.

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