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No doubt you already know about our Infomercial Articles and just how powerful they can be as an advertising method, but there is also a way that you can turn your Infomercial into a Beautiful Online Presentation.

If you are serious about creating a professional image for your brand then an Infomercial complete with an inbuilt Online Presentation is just about as good as it gets.

You can have your own presentation hosted by for a full 12 months, just imagine how expensive Television Advertising would be to achieve this kind of in-depth exposure!

See below an example of how beautiful and eye catching an Online Presentation can be. Some of our members have said they think this is better than TV advertising and we agree!


Your Infomercial Article Could Have Your Own

Online Presentation

just like the one below

Some Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Our Online Presentations

Question: How are presentations created?

Answer: You supply us all the information and materials required in the form below and we create the presentation for you.


Question: What form does the material that I supply need to be in?

Answer: You need to provide us a 'final draft' Microsoft Power Point presentation with text, images exactly how you want them.


Question: Can I add audio to my presentation too?

Answer: Yes you can embed a voice over in the power point presentation prior to providing to us or you can supply us a .wav, or .mp3 music track to loop in the background as per the example above.


Question: Where are the presentation files hosted?

 Answer: They are hosted on and domain locked to, that means we encode the presentation so that it will only play if rendered from our site which also provides some degree of protection for your presentation.


Question: How much does it cost to have a presentation created?

Answer: Firstly you pay our standard fee for an Infomercial Article and you also pay to have your Presentation created and hosted, our prices are listed below.

You Create an Infomercial Article for 12 Months = $99.00
(add you own text before and after the Online Presentation)
Base cost for creation of an Online Presentation = $249.00 (up to 20 pages)
Extra Pages $10 each
If you want an questionnaire = $50 (up to 5 yes/no) or $100 (up to 5 multi choice)
Extra questionnaire questions $10 each (yes/no) $20 each (multi-choice)
Addition of your audio supplied track = $20.00
(if not already embedded in the powerpoint presentation
If you want us to perform any custom work in addition to the above, such as formatting, image resizing, revisions of presentations etc = $50/hour


Question: Is there any cost for hosting my presentation after the first year?

Answer: You pay the standard yearly rate for your Infomercial and we charge an extra $5/page for data transfer costs, so for example if your Online Presentation was 20 pages it would cost an extra $100 on top of your Infomercial annual fee.


Question: Can you create me an Online Presentation so that I can use it somewhere else?

Answer: At the moment we only provide this service for our Industry Members to present on and our charges are provided to you at a subsidised rate because the presentations can only be used here. After all that is what collaborative marketing is all about!


Question: How do I begin?

Answer: Create your power point presentation and check it several times for errors with another person, once you are satisfied that it is exactly how you want it complete the form below and send us your material.

Once we have your materials a member of our Marketing team will send you an invoice and once it is paid we will start work on your presentation, please allow for a minimum of 14 days.

NB. It is essential that you have full legal copyright ownership of any material submitted for the creation of your Online Presentation.


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