Industry Spotlight e-Interview

You may have reached this page because has invited you to participate in an interview or you might think your business deserves to be interviewed.

From time to time identifies Industry members who provide unique, and or interesting, services and we may invite those business owners to participate in an Industry Spotlight Article, our Industry Spotlight Articles are created free of any charge to the business owner and they are a great way tell the world about who you are and what you do.

Industry Spotlight Articles are created after we send a personal invitation to the business owner to participate in an e-Interview, information from the interview is then used to create the article. Articles are written with the intent of informing our site visitors about unique and interesting members of our industry who are either striving to make a difference in other peoples lives, have created a unique brand, are doing exceptional work, or simply have an interesting story to tell.

Industry Spotlight Articles are written from the perspective of general interest and are not intended to be an overt form of commercial advertising, for that purpose you can use an Infomercial Article which is a paid advert. However if you have a directory listing for your business then we can include a link to your directory listing within the article so that site visitors who read the article can find your directory listing quickly.

If you have received an invitation from us please complete the form below with as much detail as you can which will assist us by providing us some background to get started on the article about you/your business. You are encouraged to include any photographs or additional files that will help make the article more interesting, please ensure that you have the rights for use and publication of any information and material supplied for the article.

After receiving the e-interview submission our editorial team may contact you if they require any additional information.

If you have not received an invitation to participate in an e-interview for a Industry Spotlight Article but you think that you deserve to have the spotlight thrown on you and your business then contact us and tell us something about you which might entice us to send you an interview invitation.