Complete your e-Interview and have turn it into an Infomercial

We know just how busy it can get running your own business and quite often it hard to find the time for Marketing, you probably already know about how powerful Infomercial Articles can be as a form of advertising and the benefit of having them on our site for 12 months for just AU$99. But what if you don't have the time to write your own article and fiddle with images and video snippet codes etc etc to create a professional looking Infomercial?


We have the answer, simply complete the e-Interview below and include any images, YouTube Video Links, pdf files, word documents, business or personal Bio's and we will use the information to create an Infomercial for you for an extra AU$149. That means it will cost you just AU$249 to have your Infomercial created by one of our Marketing Journalists and hosted on for 12 months.


Sound Good?


Before you begin there are a few point to keep in mind;

  • Make sure that you provide us relevant and 'accurate' information.

  • Each Infomercial can only have one focal topic e.g. Press release, Product Feature, Spotlight Article, Announcement etc.

  • The Narrative can be written in the First Person (as if written by you), in the Second Person (as if speaking directly to the reader) , or in the Third Person (as if written by us about you). We recommend the third person as it tends to feel more objective to the reader.

  • Attribution - Who authors the Infomercial Article is somewhat decided by which person the narrative is written in, e.g. if written in the first person then the author would be either yours or your business name, if written in the second person the author can be either, in the third person it would

  • Revisions - After creation of the Article revisions that involve rewriting or significant changes (by us) will involve a revision charge of $50, after your approval of the article and its publication and future revisions (by us) will also involve a revision charge. Of course you can make your own changes yourself at no charge.

  • A minimum of 14 days advance notice is required for the completion of an Article.

Once you have submitted your e-Interview our Editorial Team will send you an Invoice for $249 and as soon as payment is received the Article will be allocated to the job-list of a Journalist from our Marketing Team.


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