Cosmetic Tattoo Adverse Outcome Report

Cosmetic Tattoo Adverse Outcome Reports (CT-AOR) can be submitted by any person (who has direct knowledge of the outcome) to alert industry members and public members to circumstances that resulted in an unwanted outcome resulting from cosmetic tattooing. All CT-AOR's may be subject to moderation or removal by a member of our administration team if we deem it appropriate.

The intent is to provide a centralised database of information that can be searched and evaluated to identify problems with equipment, products, techniques, medical complications and other situations or circumstances that may lead to an unwanted outcome from Cosmetic Tattooing.

To submit a report please complete the form below and it will be added to the database once it has been reviewed by an administrator. Please note that all details supplied (except for client/reporters names and contact details) may be published and be publicly viewable so make sure that you do not include information in the report that you do not want published. If the report is about an Adverse Outcome for a third party please make sure that no information is included that may be likely to identify the third party unless you have their express written consent.

The more information you are able to provide the more help it will be to the industry to improve the quality of client services, however if you do not have information relating to any of the * required fields on the form simply insert the word "Unknown" for that portion of the report.

NB. The purpose of the CT-AOR is to assist improvement in service delivery across the industry and it is not intended as a vehicle for punitive or defamatory action against any party. If you believe that the content of any CT-AOR is inappropriate you may request a review by the site manger by using our contact form and identifying the report, and stating your objections. The contact information for the reporter (Part 1) will not be published but is retained and may be released to a third party in the event of a court order, or a request by authorised regulatory authorities, or if the report involves any abuse or breaches of our site Terms & Conditions.

In circumstances where a pattern of adverse outcomes emerges for a particular Cosmetic Tattooist the executive of (at our sole discretion without obligation) may chose to contact the Cosmetic Tattooist concerned and inform them of the number and nature of reports received and suggestions may be offered to improve the quality of outcome for future clients.

Adverse Outcome Reports are often reviewed by Senior Education Team Members and comments may be added to the bottom of the report, some CT-AOR's may even be reviewed and commented on by a Master Trainer.


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