Amiea Sense - with SensiDrive


Amiea Sense with Digital SensiDrive® is the most technologically advanced device currently available. Naturally using the most advanced equipment provides you a distinct competitive advantage and a superior approach to client services.

Price: $ 4250.00

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Amiea Sense - The Most Technologically Advanced Available


The Amiea Sense is the result of several generations of development in the manufacture of Digital MicroPigmentation devices. This machine is cutting edge technology that demonstrates yet again that Amiea is the unparalled market leader in the field of digital cosmetic tattoo machine design & manufacturing.

Amiea Sense Highlights

• Hygienic touch screen control
• Brand new needle design with 18 different needles configuerations
• Automated recognition and display of needle cartridge type
• Base station controler recommendations needle frequency PPS
• Sense hand piece detects changes in skin resistance
• Automatic power adjustment (SensiDrive)
• Automated adjustments to needle depth (SensiDrive)
• Interfaces for two hand pieces (optional)
• Interface for soft laser (an optional extra)
• Interface for CoolSpot skin cooling attachment (optional)

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