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Global Cosmetic Tattoo Forum

We have received numerous requests from industry members, public members, and even casual site visitors for us to launch our own dedicated forum here at

As you would expect everyone has a different idea of the main focus for a central cosmetic tattoo forum and we already have lots of different suggestions about what would be the best topics and how the board should operate.


Currently there are a range of different groups and forums being hosted on private websites, on Facebook groups, linked-in and wide range of other locations many of the social media platforms have very poor facilities for forum participation because they do not thread the conversations properly and they are difficult to follow particularly those topics with lots of user participation.

There are lots of software applications around that provide a much better user experience for forum participation than the social media platforms; for example Bulletin Boards are a nicer user experience, but of course someone needs to host the forum.

Other complaints that users often have is the lack of moderation which can lead to boards being filled with inaccurate information or sometimes excessive moderation can lead to a conflict of interest.

Forums can consume a lot of resources both to host and for support, if decides to host a forum then we need to ensure that it meets the needs of the international community and that the community will be sufficiently engaged to warrant the allocation of our modest resources.


One proposal that has been put forward is that we could permit members to request to operate a forum topic that they nominate on our main board, topics could relate to a specific interest, to an industry group, or it could even relate to your own particular product brand. The promotional benefits for participants are obvious.

If you would like to have your own Cosmetic Tattoo forum hosted on our server then it would involve you acting as the forum moderator which would mean that you keep the forum free of spam, keep the discussion on topic, edit or delete posts that involve abuse of the service and provide some guidance to the site users when appropriate.

Our board moderators and support team would provide global moderation for the entire board and support for the forums to ensure that the main board functions as intended and the discussion community remains healthy and tranquil.

The Forums would be able to be read by a site visitor but like every forum they would need to create an account to be able to post, if there is a special reason why a member might like a particular forum to be private then we could consider making it only viewable by the registered board members.

If we get it right then a central forum could become a great resource for the whole industry.

Board Functionality

The intention would be for our developers to make the forums as accessible as possible to everyone and user friendly so it would be our intention for the site to have integrated language translation, private messaging so you can contact other members, and some other special features developed by our team specific to our needs.

Your Participation

If you would like to be involved in the project or if you would like to nominate a topic and moderate a forum on the board then contact us with your ideas and suggestions and we will consider any requests over the next few weeks before making the final decision about the discussion forum.

Cosmetic Tattoo Forum Proposal


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