What Language Is CosmeticTattoo.org In?

by CosmeticTattoo.org on 31/12/2012 - 01:44 pm

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The primary language of CosmeticTattoo.org is English and Members are encouraged to submit their listings in English. However we have integrated Google Translate into the site wherever possible to ensure that the site is accessible to all Nationalities.

The site can be translated into your language simply by selecting your chosen language from the drop down list in the top right hand column of the site as per the image below.

Google Translate Facility

Whilst Google translate does not provide a perfect translation it is generally a very good translation and currently it the best option available for a multilingual membership site.

You can also send a link to a page to another person with the page automatically translated into their language. You simply click the link that says “Email to a Friend” which is available at the top of all Listings, Articles,  Classifieds, Events and Site Info pages, a window will pop up like the one below, select your friends language from the drop down list and a link will be added to the message body that will automatically translate the page into their language.

You can even use it to send yourself a link to a page in your language!

Email a Link to a Friend in Their Language


Below are some answers to frequently asked questions about CosmeticTattoo.org and Languages


Question: What language can I have my Directory Listing etc in?

Answer: We prefer you to have your listing in the sites primary language English. 

If you prefer to have your Directory Listing, Event, Classified or Infomercial Article in another language you can submit it in your preferred language but please be aware that some foreign language characters may not be supported, it would be a mammoth undertaking to support every kind of character font for every language. For this reason it is better to submit your listings in English and let Google translate do the work of translation for us.

Question: What about Infomercial Articles can they be provided in another language?

Answer: If you are determined to have your Infomercial in another Language then unfortunately we will not be able to create your Infomercial Article for you via our e-Interview Service but you are free to create the Article yourself.

However all Educational Articles must be submitted in English.

Question: What do I do if I can only read English and there is a listing or Article in another language

Answer: You simply select 'English' on the 'Select a Language' drop down list and any non english text will be translated into English.

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