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We frequently get asked the question; What kind of site CosmeticTattoo.org?

Probably the best description is a hybrid site that encompasses a broad range of services for Cosmetic Tattooists, associated industry suppliers and manufacturers.

We also enable members of the public who are either looking for information about Cosmetic Tattooing or looking for a Cosmetic Tattooist to find the information they need.

Below are answers to some of the other Frequently Asked Questions that we often receive.

Is CosmeticTattoo.org a regional industry association?

Answer: CosmeticTattoo.org is a Global Membership site that has no geographical restrictions. We believe that there can be significant benefits to our members through collaboration with others in the industry from around the globe, and also benefit to the customers by gaining access to information provided by international industry experts.

Is membership only available to Cosmetic Tattooists?

Answer: We believe that CosmeticTattoo.org should be a platform that enables all participants to collaborate with each other, for that reason we have taken a unique approach to Membership, there are essentially two kinds of membership;

1) Industry Members

Service Providers - Cosmetic Tattooists, Medical Camouflage Makeup Specialists, MESO-Vytal Technicians, Medical Tattooists, Scalp Hair Tattooists.

Affiliated Service Providers - Health Professionals, Body Art Tattooists, Cosmetic Tattoo Suppliers & Manufacturers. All of our members in these categories are also providers of Cosmetic Tattoo services or are directly affiliated with those providing Cosmetic Tattoo services.

Business to Business Service Providers (B2B) - Accountants, lawyers, business advisors, salon software providers, insurance brokers, OH&S experts, marketing experts. All of our members in these categories are providing B2B services to Cosmetic Tattooists.

Industry members are able to create a Listing in our Directory at different levels (Member / Advanced / Elite) and they can also access the full range of our other services including Infomercial Articles, Events, Classifieds and offer Deals. Industry Members can also become members of our Education Team by submitting free educational Articles to the editor for approval prior to publication.

 Member of the CosmeticTattoo.org Education Team Published members of the Education Team are rewarded with periods of free 'Elite' membership Listings and this status badge is added to their listing to highlight their prestige within our community.

2) Public Members (Members Of The Public)
Members of the public can create a membership profile, save their favourite searches, comment on our Articles, provide ratings and enjoy being part of the community. Members of the public are also our valued customers so naturally we want them to feel at home here as well.

Is CosmeticTattoo.org a 'For Profit' or 'Not for Profit' site?

Answer: CosmeticTattoo.org is a hybrid mix of 'for profit' services and also many "free community services" available to industry members and public members.

Aren't sites with the .org extension supposed to be completely not for profit?

Answer: The .org domain extension is completely unrestricted and can be registered by anyone, many .org domains are used for both "For Profit" and hybrid mixtures of commercial and free community services. We believe that it would not be possible to offer the broad range of services that we have available without a commercial approach and our view is that a hybrid site is the most appropriate platform.

What kind of services are available on the site?

Answer: CosmeticTattoo.org is utilizing cutting edge web technology to provide an exciting range of services;

Search (Free Service for Anyone) - Search any section of the site with or without being a member.

Membership (Free Member Service) - Both Industry members and Public are expected to abide by a code of ethics and membership entitles the industry member to create a directory listing. Public members can save customised searches and post reviews about industry service providers subject to our "Fair Go" policies.

Members Directory (Free & Paid Member Services) - A searchable listing for Cosmetic Tattooist from around the globe with the ability for a industry member to have their own Directory Listing, three levels of listings are available; Member (free), Advanced Member (paid), Elite Member (paid). You can read more about what is available with the different levels of directory listing by clicking this link and then clicking on the different listing levels to see what is included.

Elite Members who can demonstrate that they meet our sensible definition of an International Master Trainer can also request to have a Master Trainer badge added to their Directory Listing Cosmetic Tattoo Master Trainer which instantly alerts site visitors to the prestigious status of the Member, there is no extra listing charge for status badges.

Click here to see an example of an Elite Members Listing Page.

Offer a Special Deal

The Industry Member can decide;


  • Exactly what Deal they want to offer (e.g. 25% off eyeliner procedures)
  • How many offers they want to make (e.g. 50 coupons)
  • The terms and conditions
  • The start and end date for the Deal offer period (i.e. when the deal should be active on the site)
  • What times of the day the deal will be visible on the site (e.g. 24 hours a day or from 6pm to 10pm)
  • Add an image for the deal

Our only condition is that CosmeticTattoo.org does not become involved in any disputes between the Industry Member and the customers in relation to the deals being offered, we think that as we have no financial interest in the deals on offer that is only fair.

Classified Advert (Paid Member Service)
- Post a classified advert for the sale of your new or used equipment and supplies, shop to rent, jobs available or wanted, sale of a business, salon real-estate etc. You can place a classified advert for almost anything that relates to Cosmetic Tattooing and you can browse the classified adverts for what you need.

Events (Paid Member Service) - Post an advert for your special event, it could be a congress, a training class, an association meeting, in fact you can post an event about almost anything as long as it relates to Cosmetic Tattooing.

Infomercials (Paid Member Service) - Industry members can create a detailed advertising feature to inspire, entertain and inform members of the public about their products and services relating to Cosmetic Tattooing. Why not write a press release or create a feature article about your latest offering, or alternatively you could submit an e-Interview and ask us to create the Article for you.

Educational Articles (Free Service for Everyone) - Industry experts from around the globe are invited to contribute their expertise by writing educational articles about a wide range of topics relating to Cosmetic Tattoo, the articles may be intended for other cosmetic tattooist or for the clients of cosmetic tattooists. Educational articles are free for everyone to read and those industry members who provide contributions that meet our guidelines and are selected for publication will receive complementary site services in return for their contribution to the CosmeticTattoo.org community and will also be awarded an Education Team badge Member of the CosmeticTattoo.org Education Team attached to their directory listing to identify them as prestigious members of the community.

Advertising Banners (Paid Service) - A variety of discrete advertising banners will be available to those who have products and services that they wish to notify site visitors about. All advertising banners will be subject to our advertising policies. We will always ensure that CosmeticTattoo.org is structured in a way that it remains a pleasant experience for our site visitors and does not become saturated with unrelated advertising. Please bear in mind that the revenue from Advertising Banners assist us to provide our free site services to Members.

Question: Who owns CosmeticTattoo.org?

Answer: CosmeticTattoo.org is privately owned by industry experts, we created the site with the substantial contribution of our time, expertise and money to create a beautiful site with a wide range of services for the Industry. Our vision is for the site to become the Industries global platform and to collaborate, teach and learn from each other.

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