Server Upgrade Completed

by on 12/04/2013 - 02:14 pm

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Hosting Site Servers

You may have noticed that previously server was a little bit slow to load a page, or sometimes the page may even have timed out on you?

We worked intensively with our previous hosting providers to upgrade our hosting to cope with an explosion in demand for our site but still that was not enough.

Quite honestly we had been a little bit overwhelmed by the number of site visitors that we have been receiving from people in dozens of different countries all of whom it seems are very eager to visit our site and read our site content.

Demand had been so high that we have experienced a some site crashes on several occasions when numerous people from the USA, Europe, and Asia all decided they needed to be here a the same time.

Thanks to our expert support team has now completed our site transfer to another host and a major server upgrade to meet the increasing demand for our site, the site is now noticiably faster and far more stable.


The Admin Team