Micropigmentation: Camouflaging Scalp Alopecia and Scars in Korean Patients

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Overview: This article provides the results of a study into the usefulness of micropigmentation for alopecia and scalp scar camouflage among male and female Korean patients. The study found that for 42 out of 43 patients results were highly satisfactory and there were no adverse effects or complications and only one patient was dissatisfied because she did not notice any remarkable changes after the procedure.
Title: Micropigmentation: Camouflaging Scalp Alopecia and Scars in Korean Patients.
Publication: Aesthetic Plast Surg. 2013 Dec 24.
Authors: Park JH, Moh JS, Lee SY, You SH.
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micro-pigmentation, alopecia, camouflage, scars, scalp, korea, patients


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