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All members are expected to abide by a reasonable code of Ethics & Conduct, by creating a membership account our Industry members are notifying all site visitors that they agree to abide by our code of ethics & conduct.

Due consideration has been given to the fact that there are diverse laws, regulations and training standards across the globe and also within individual countries.

We attempt to unify the industry with some blanket ethical principles that provide all users of the site confidence that our Industry Members agree to these standards regardless of their geographical location.

Many associations have a code of ethics and most will acknowledge the difficulty of ensuring compliance with ethical standards by their members. At we believe that rather than any party taking a punitive approach the community is the best regulator of compliance with ethical conduct.

Education provided by our industry experts will enhance the knowledge of our Industry Members, our Public Members and general site visitors; ultimately this will lead to the expectation and the delivery of higher standards across the industry. The mechanism that we provide via the site for reasonable feedback and review will also reward those Industry Members who provide superior standards of service.

The CTO-ICEC will be updated and ammended by our Executive Group as the need arises to meet the changing needs of the industry and our clients/patients, members agree that upon publication the version below represents the current version in effect at any given time. International Code of Ethics & Conduct


Industry Member Code of Ethics & Conduct

Members agree to comply with all health laws and regulations within the geographical region in which they provide services.

Members agree to comply with all consumer laws and regulations within the geographical region in which they provide services.

Members agree to comply with all Occupational Health & Safety laws and regulations within the geographical region in which they provide services.

Members will not misrepresent their services to consumers in any respect.

Members will not discriminate against any person on the basis of their ethnic or cultural heritage, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or skin colour.

Members will not engage in unethical or immoral business practices as would be defined by a reasonable person, the community, and the Site Manager.

Members will not plagiarise or infringe upon the copyright of another Member or another business.

Members who provide Cosmetic Tattoo and other Skin Penetration services agree they;

  • Will comply with all applicable recommendations of their regional health regulators in relation to general infection prevention, and prevention of cross contamination.

  • Will provide services in accordance with principles of ‘Standard Precautions’ as published by the World Health Organisation publication “ Standard precautions in health care” and any future amendments.

    The English language version of the above document is available via pdf on this link.

  • Will only provide services that they have been adequately trained in and deemed proficient to provide, in accordance with training standards in their geographical location, or if no such training/standards exists in their location then the nearest major centre/city where training/standards exist.

  • Will consult with one of the Master Trainers within the Membership Directory if any doubt exists about acceptable standards of training and services.

  • Will regularly update their skills in accordance with advancements in equipment, consumables, and techniques.

  • Will use high quality purpose specific Cosmetic Tattoo devices to provide services, in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, and or the recommendations of a Master Trainer.

  • Will properly utilise recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and will undergo recommended vaccination regimes as recommended by their medical practitioner prior to providing tattoo services e.g. hepatitis A/B vaccination.

    The minimum (PPE) shall include - protective apron, and single use; surgical face mask, clinical grade examination gloves, eye protection, protective footwear and a non porous dressing over any broken skin of the technician.

  • Will create adequate client/patient records to identify the type & nature of the service provided to the client inclusive of written and photographic records, and client records will be stored in a way that ensures the privacy of the client/patient. Client records may be made available to authorised regional health inspectors upon their request in accordance with local laws.

  • Will only use pigments specifically intended for Cosmetic Tattoo services as created by a qualified pigment chemist and sourced from a reputable manufacturer who provides Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) disclosing the pigment ingredients. If requested by the client/patient the member will disclose the full ingredients list of the pigments that are intended to be used for their tattoo service.

  • Will provide clients/patients written advice and sufficient materials to care for their tattoo for the initial 5 days after their tattoo procedure.

  • Will make every reasonable endeavour to honour the advertisements and or special offers that they may make from time to time on


Industry members will only display and utilise membership icons (applicable to their membership level) if they have a current valid membership and if they agree to comply with the above code of ethics and conduct. Membership Logos

General Member Code of Conduct

In addition our Public Members and all Site Visitors also agree to abide by a reasonable standard of conduct whilst on the site; we consider it to be essential to the health of the community to ensure an environment of fair and reasonable behaviour from all our site users.

All members and all site visitors agree that they;

Will not use our site services to harass, defame, denigrate, or abuse any person.

Will not use our site services to spam our members or site visitors.

Will approach the service provider and attempt to find an amicable resolution in instances where there is any dissatisfaction with their services before posting any negative reviews.

Will only post reviews that are honest, fair, and balanced as would be determined by a reasonable person, the community, and the Site Manager.

Will at all times abide by our site Terms & Conditions.


Unclaimed Listings


Site visitors should note that unclaimed listings within the directory may belong to service providers who are not currently active members of an unclaimed listing can be identified by the link on the listing in red as per below;

Is this your listing?

Unclaimed listings may arise due to creation of the listing by a site visitor using our Suggest a Listing form or it may be due to inadvertant expiry of a Members prior listing.


If you intend on utilsing the services of a business with an unclaimed listing it is prudent to enquire if they comply with our members code of ethics & conduct.

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