Evaluation of knowledge about tattoo health complications and their prevention among students

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Title: Tattoos: Evaluation of knowledge about health complications and their prevention among students of Tricity universities.
Abstract: Tattooing is a very popular form of body modification among young people. However, this kind of procedure entails the risk of various health complications. The objective of the study was to evaluate the students’ knowledge about contraindications, complications, and health risks that skin tattooing may cause. Additionally, the purpose of the study was to assess how the profile of education (medical vs nonmedical) impacts on the knowledge of the respondents.
Industry Significance Rating: Informative - General industry awareness.
Publication: Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology - 28/12/2017.
Authors: Rogowska P, Szczerkowska-Dobosz A, Kaczorowska R, Slomka J, Nowicki R.
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Authors reached the conclusion that there, 'is a need for a better education on the topic for both people who are getting tattoos and tattooists'.


Medical Report, health risks, risk awareness


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