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Asymmetrical Lip-line

Cosmetic Tattoo Adverse Outcome Reports (CT-AOR) can be submitted by any person to alert industry members and public members to circumstances that resulted in an unwanted outcome resulting from cosmetic tattooing.

The intent is to provide a centralised database of information that can be searched and evaluated to identify problems with equipment, products, techniques, medical complications and other situations or circumstances that may lead to an unwanted outcome from Cosmetic Tattooing.

NB. The purpose of the CT-AOR is to assist improvement in service delivery across the industry and it is not intended as a vehicle for punitive action against any party. If you believe that the content of any CT-AOR is inappropriate you may request a review by the site manger by using our contact form and identifying the report, and stating your objections.

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Cosmetic Tattoo Adverse Outcome Report
Reference ID: 20130421-c6c6

Report Provided By A Cosmetic Tattooist (who did not provide the initial treatment)
Date of Treatment 01/11/2012
Date of Adverse Outcome 01/11/2012
Country where the Cosmetic Tattooing was Provided Australia
State/City/Town/Suburb Victoria/Melbourne/Armadale
What was the Cosmetic Tattooists Qualification? Cosmetic Tattooist
Details If Other  
What is the First Major Adverse Outcome Category Asymmetrical or Uneven
What is the Second Major Adverse Outcome Category Wrong Position
What is the Third Major Adverse Outcome Category Wrong Colour
Was Medical Treatment Required? Yes
Cosmetic Tattoo Treatment Provided Lip Tattoo
Details If Other  
Tattoo Machine/Technique Used Unknown
Details of Treatment This client attended a cosmetic tattooist and requested a lip-line tattoo procedure to provide more definition to the vermillion line and requested a natural pink hue.
Details of Adverse Outcome & Remedial Treatments The right hand side of the clients upper Lip-line is tattooed considerably higher than the natural vermillion line resulting in an asymmetrical lip. The final healed colour is also too orange for the clients natural skin tone. The Client came to me and requested correction of the colour and shape but I felt the existing tattooing was too far outside of the natural lip-line to incorporate into a new lip tattoo and regain symmetry without over sizing the lips. The client was referred to a dual qualification cosmetic physician and dermatologist for assessment with consideration to laser tattoo removal of the section of tattooing outside of the lip-line and then after healing review by the reporter for corrective tattooing.
Clients Significant Medications None
Clients Significant Medical Complaints None
What Brand & Type of Pigments was used? Unknown
What Make and Model of Tattoo Device was used? Unknown
What Consumable Supplies were used? Unknown
Probable Cause of Adverse Outcome & Preventative Options Possibly due to inexperience, failure to perform a makeup simulation, or lack of due care when performing the tattooing.
Pigment colour may have been due to poor colour choice or due over compensating for blue tones by adding excessive colour corrector (orange) to the lip pigment.

Could be prevented by the original treating tattooist exercising greater care and gaining a better knowledge of pigment colours.

CosmeticTattoo.org Education Team Comments

This Report highlights the need to exercise care and attention when providing client services, an additional 20-30 minutes spent with the client can prevent them needing to go through the discomfort and expense of corrective treatments.