Cosmetic Tattoo Adverse Outcome Report (CT-AOR)

by on 21/04/2013 - 04:21 pm

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The executive team at have given a lot of thought to how we can assist the industry improve the quality of services and reduce the incidence of unwanted outcomes for clients.

All Professional Cosmetic Tattooists do there utmost to ensure that the outcome from Cosmetic Tattooing is aesthetically pleasing but unfortunately,
for a variety of reasons, unwanted outcomes do sometimes occur.

After checking the medical literature and numerous industry sites we established that at present there is no central database for reporting, searching, and evaluating Adverse Outcomes from Cosmetic Tattooing internationally. As a result the industry is unable to provide collective guidance and recommendations on what measures can be implemented to improve the general quality of services provided to clients.

Our solution to this was to develop a centralised reporting system whereby any person who has direct knowledge of a unwanted outcome can submit details to the register via a Cosmetic Tattoo Adverse Outcome Report (CT-AOR).

Previous Published Adverse Outcome Reports Can be Read by Clicking Here

The purpose of the CT-AOR is to assist improvement in service delivery across the industry and it is not intended as a vehicle for punitive or defamatory action against any party. If you believe that the content of any CT-AOR is inappropriate you may request a review by the site manger by using our contact form and identifying the report, and stating your objections.

Reports must have the consent of the Client/Patient for publication prior to submission unless of course the report is submitted by the client themselves. Our intention is that Adverse Outcome Reports may be reviewed by Senior Education Team Members and comments may be added to the bottom of the report, some CT-AOR's may even be reviewed and commented on by a Master Trainer with the objective of educating the wider industry and reducing the incidence of Adverse Outcomes.

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