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What Language Is In?

by on 31/12/2012 - 01:44 pm

The primary language of is English and Members are encouraged to submit their listings in English. However we have integrated Google Translate into the site wherever possible to ensure that the site is accessible to all Nationalities.
The site can be translated into your language simply by selecting your chosen language from the drop down list in the top right hand column of the site as per the image below.

Whilst Google translate does not provide a perfect translation it is generally a very good translation and currently it the best option available for a multilingual membership site.
You can also send a link to a page to another person with the page automatically tr ...

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What Is the ?

by on 19/12/2012 - 07:10 pm

We frequently get asked the question; What kind of site Probably the best description is a hybrid site that encompasses a broad range of services for Cosmetic Tattooists, associated industry suppliers and manufacturers.

We also enable members of the public who are either looking for information about Cosmetic Tattooing or looking for a Cosmetic Tattooist to find the information they need. Below are answers to some of the other Frequently Asked Questions that we often receive.  Question: Is a regional industry association? Answer: is a Global Membership site that has no geographical restrictions. We believe that there can be si ...

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