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Many cosmetic Tattooists have said to us that for too long; there has been insufficient industry collegial support, education always comes at a financial cost, and industry events are often hard to find. Marketing opportunities have developed the disturbing trend of placing Cosmetic Tattooists in opposition to each other with "bidding wars" for high value keywords, a situation that search engines love because they sell keywords to the highest bidder.

Also the recent trend of using group buying sites has sometimes placed businesses under extreme pressure and caused more harm to the business than good, often the group buying site takes so much money from the business for promoting a deal that neither the business owner nor the customer end up happy.

The executive team at decided to create a hybrid service that would solve many of the problems that have been identified by our colleagues. We believe that there is a better way to promote our services via "Collaborative Marketing" which is more cost efficient and it puts the power back into the hands of the business owner where it belongs. We also believe that Cosmetic Tattooists should have access to educational information without always having to pay for everything and you deserve to have a focal hub where you can see what the rest of the industry is up to without spending hours searching around online. is much more than just another association, take a look at the features and what you can use the services for;

  • Global Membership - All countries are welcome, two types of membership.

    Industry Membership
    is open to anyone who is directly involved in cosmetic tattooing and indirectly involved by supplying products and services to the industry or providing affiliated services.

    Public Membership
    - We want our clients/patients to be able to interact with us and have input into the services and standards available as well as being able to easily find our members.

  • Language Translation - The primary language for is English but we have included a tight integration of Google translate into the entire site to make the Org accessible to as many countries as possible and break down the language barrier.

  • Code of Ethics & Conduct - A sensible and clearly defined code of conduct for industry members that defines an international standard, written by industry and health experts. Public members are also provided with a reasonable code of conduct to ensure that feedback to industry members is fair and equitable.

  • Directory Listing - Industry members can create a directory listing with  choice of level according to their marketing requirements, base membership listings are free of charge, the listing options are (Member / Advanced Member / Elite Member). There are a wide range of features with the different levels of directory listings, an Elite Listing can almost replace a business website it has so many features such as your own listing page with Google map location, small picture gallery, YouTube video, contact form etc etc
    Click here to see an example of an Elite Listing Page.

  • Listing Templates - Elite listing levels can also chose from a range of optional listing templates for Medical Professionals, Technical Experts, Health Professionals and detailed Business Profile. The listing templates provide additional field that are specific to the specialty and the template provides extra exposure in the "view all listings" section with a letterhead to quickly identify the members specialty area.

  • Listing Badges - Status badges are provided to members free of charge to help identify esteemed members of the community and the wider industry. See what criteria you meet to gain a status badge for your listing.

    Cosmetic Tattoo Master Trainer  - A prestigious Master Trainer badge can be awarded to those International Trainers who meet our guidelines for Master Trainer status.

    Member of the Education Team  - A prestigious Education Team Member badge can be awarded to the author of an Article that is submitted to us and accepted for publication under our Educational Articles Category.

    Pink Service Provider - i Care! - Our Pink Provider program is our way of giving something back to the community, we encourage all our Members to become Pink Providers and offer lower cost services to Clients / Patients who have suffered a serious life threatening illness.

  • Educational Articles - Our Free Educational Articles can be an excellent way to learn more about your industry, how to market your services, how works and a whole variety of other topics. We encourage all our members to contribute to our educational articles and if your article is published you will be rewarded with a free Elite Membership listing for 6 months, you can read more here about our publication guidelines for educational articles.

  • Infomercial Articles - Infomercial Articles are advertising features for your business that stay on for 12 months, they can be an extremely powerful form of advertising.

  • Events - You can promote your own event or browse industry events from around the globe, find out where that congress is being held or check out the latest workshops and training offerings.

  • Classifieds - Post or browse industry specific classified adverts for new and used equipment, salons available or wanted, jobs, salon supplies and a whole variety of other listing areas.

  • Deals - You can promote a special deal and by attaching it to your directory listing, COMPLETELY FREE, we do not charge a cent for promoting your special offers regardless of your listing level even members with free listings can offer a Deal free.
    Click here to see an example of a members Special Deal.

  • Backlink Feature - Our innovative back-link feature provides you with a membership logo for your website, boosts your ranking in search results and helps our other members all at the same time, a membership logo on you site also lets site visitors know you are part of a global membership for Cosmetic Tattooists and you adhere to an international code of ethics & conduct.


  • Site Information - Check out our site information blog to find out how the Org works and to see new members that have just joined.

  • Social Media Integration - You will notice that we have paid very special attention to the social media channels, you can create a membership and login using your Facebook, Open ID or Google credentials. You can link your Facebook page and twitter account to an Elite Membership listing page. Site visitors can "Like" or "Send" via Facebook or Tweet via twitter direct from your Directory Listing, Classified Advert, Deal, Article or Event. The Special Deal you have on offer could even go viral via our social media integration. Also new listings and other site items are checked every 30 mins and the latest ones are added to our own twitter feed and Facebook wall to give your business even more exposure.

  • Banner Advertising - After consultation with some of the leading experts in online marketing we have dedicated a number of key locations for banner advertising, each location has been carefully chosen for a specific marketing purpose and advertising on the site will always remain context specific i.e. advertising banners will relate to the sites main focus. Banner advertising is an excellent way to give your marketing an extra boost, read our tutorial to find out which banner will fit your purpose and what kind of customer you would like to attract. Do you want to attract quick decision customers or careful thinkers? click here to read our article; Marketing Strategies - Banner Advertising.

  • More Services - We are creating more services all the time, for example our e-Interview service for those who would like to have a spotlight article written about their business.

Got a suggestion? why not let us know by sending us a message on our contact form. was created for you, Join us! participate in the community, and enjoy all the benefits of being a member.

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