Alternative PDF Editors

by on 15/11/2014 - 06:52 pm

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Quite a few of our members have mentioned the difficulties that they have experienced with creating and editing pdf documents for the purpose of customer flyers and pricelists etc on their member listings. Adobe Acrobat Pro can have a steep learning curve and sometimes people find the menu system challenging particularly if you are used to typical Microsoft office menus and do not routinely use Adobe software.

An alternative pdf editor to Adobe is Infix PDF Editor made by Inceni Technology the beauty of this pdf editor is that is has a much faster learning curve and the menu system is much more intuitive for many people as compared to Adobe.

What is also great about the Infix PDF Editor is that it has lots of additional capabilities that many other pdf editors do not have particularly in the professional version which currently retails for just $159 a bargain considering what the software is capable of and how quickly you can learn to use it.

For example I found it much easier to format text using Infix PDF Editor than any other pdf editor that I have ever used before and I am fairly proficient with adobe software.

They have a trail version that you can download so you can even check out the software risk free.