ABC's Catalyst Request Our Content

by on 04/10/2013 - 06:08 pm

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Educational Articles

It has been an Interesting week here at with an increasing number of requests for information coming from a diverse range of people.

We regularly get requests from members of the public and industry members for information about a whole range of topics and our reputation is growing as a centre of excellence. 

After reading one of most recent publications Why Do Cosmetic Tattoos Change Colour? a reporter from Australia's most respected science television show Catalyst contacted members of the Executive requesting information and consent for use of some of our educational content.

Apparently our educational articles caught Wendy Zukerman's eye as potential content for a piece they are doing on the body art industry.

We think its a great testament to the quality of articles being published here at the Org that we are even catching the attention of the science reporters.