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Published: 31/12/2012

Abstract: CosmeticTattoo.org encourages our experienced members to share their knowledge with the community by submitting Educational Articles to our Editorial Team. This Article discusses how to submit an Educational Article and the benefits to the author.

by Education Team

CosmeticTattoo.org encourages our experienced members to share their knowledge with the community by submitting Educational Articles to our Editorial Team. There are a range of categories that are broad enough to provide a wide variety of topics for our site visitors and we will add new categories as required depending on the contributions being submitted. The educational Articles are provided free of charge to all site visitors and Articles may be written for either Industry Members or our Public Members.

If an Article is submitted by a Member and is published on the site after review by the Editorial Team the submitting member will be provided 6 months of Elite Membership Directory Listing free of charge and after submitting two Educational Articles their Listing will also be awarded an Educational Team Badge in recognition of the members esteemed standing within the community.

Member of the CosmeticTattoo.org Education Team It is possible for an Education Team member to maintain a perpetual free Elite Member Directory Listing and the Education Team Badge  simply by submitting an Article that is accepted and published at least once every six months.

Educational Articles benefit the whole CosmeticTattoo.org community and they also have the significant and profound effect of raising the profile of the author of the Article, in some instances a single Article may establish the author as the go-to expert in relation to the subject matter. In this regard Educational Articles offer an opportunity that potentially may be of enormous benefit to the author and their business.

Submission Guidelines

Full details relating to use of the services at CosmeticTattoo.org can be read within our Terms & Conditions, below are the summarised guidelines for submission of an Educational Article;

  • Publication of any Article is at the sole discretion of the Editorial Team.

  • All submissions should be either directly or indirectly related to Cosmetic Tattooing, Medical Camouflage Makeup, or the other associated service areas as listed within Directory Listing Membership Categories.

  • Submissions should be between 800-4000 words, you can use the pop up word counter on the Articles form to check your Articles word count. Articles smaller than 800 words may be accepted for publication if they are particularly interesting, larger Articles can be submitted but they may be split into two or more Articles for a series if required by the Editorial Team.

  • All Educational Articles should be submitted in our sites primary language ‘English’, our integrated Goggle Translate facility will enable non English speaking Members to read the Article as well. If English is your second Language do not be deterred from making a submission because we welcome diversity and your ethnicity and writing style will make your Article more interesting.

  • Our Editorial Team reserves the right to alter, add to or remove from, rearrange or otherwise edit any Article that is submitted prior to publication. Sometimes this is required to ensure that the Article layout fits our site construct other times it may simply be making the Article more interesting or clearer for our other Members.

  • Educational Articles should not be written with the sole intent of advertising a product or service that is the purpose of a paid Infomercial Article.

  • Educational Articles can have a single link to the Authors CosmeticTattoo.org directory listing but they should not have any external links to the members own website. Other External links within an Educational Article will only be permitted if they add to the value of the Article and they are not blatantly advertising products and services. The author will benefit by having a link to their CosmeticTattoo.org Elite Directory listing which of course can have links to their own website.

  • By submitting an Educational Article you are agreeing that CosmeticTattoo.org may publish the material in whole or in part, as we see fit, for any period of time including indefinitely, or we may remove the material at any time at our sole discretion and as we determine is appropriate for the needs of CosmeticTattoo.org.

  • CosmeticTattoo.org has both RSS feeds and social media integration such as facebook and twitter that may expand the exposure of educational articles to a much wider audience.

  • By submitting an Educational Article you agree that if the Editorial Team decides the Article is suitable to be published then 6 months of free Elite Membership Directory listing shall be the only compensation provided to you for our ongoing use and publication of the Article.

  • Articles should not be plagiarised or in breach of any other parties copyright.

  • Educational Articles are more likely to be published if they are interesting, informative, educational, entertaining and well structured, always read through your article a couple of times before submitting.

  • Educational Articles can include a picture of the author, a picture gallery and even a YouTube video, provided that the pictures and video’s relate to the Article and are not overt advertising for products and services (use an paid Infomercial Article for advertising purposes).

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Educational Articles

Question: Does it cost anything to submit an Educational Article?

Answer: Educational Articles can be submitted completely free of charge, you simply use the promotional coupon code “education” (without the inverted commas “”) during the submission and payment process and the Article is then submitted free of any charge.

Question: Do all Educational Articles have to be in-depth and highly technical?

Answer: Not at all, Educational Articles can range from the very technical right they way through to simple interesting stories that relate to your own experience. For example Case Studies Articles are interesting & informative circumstances that have occurred during the delivery of client services as described by the technician. A Case Study may be a way of warning other technicians about the circumstances that may have the potential for an adverse outcome, or how a problem was rectified, or it may simply be a light hearted story about how a client’s life was changed for the better by Cosmetic Tattooing.

Question: Do I have to be a Cosmetic Tattoo Trainer to submit an Educational Article?

Answer: Any Industry Member can submit an Educational Article.


Question: English is my second language do Educational Articles need to have perfect spelling and grammar?

Answer: We encourage you to check your article with a spell checker e.g. Microsoft Word will check the spelling and grammar of your Article. Obviously we want our members to be able to understand an Article but our Editorial Team are more interested in the content of an Article than making sure that you have perfect writing skills. CosmeticTattoo.org has a global Membership and naturally all Articles will reflect the background, experience, and ethnic origin of the author, that is what makes them so interesting!


Question: Who will be listed as the author of an Article?

Answer: The Member submitting the Article will be listed as the Author, third party submissions cannot be accepted because we need the authors consent to publish the Article.


Kind Regards from the Education Team

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