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Clients/Patients who have darker skin tones may be more susceptible to a condition called Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation or PIH for short. Clients who have or may develop PIH have hyperactive melanocyte cells in their skin.

You may encounter a middle aged client who presents for Cosmetic Tattooing with unexplained loss of hair in their outer eyebrows, if there appears to be no obvious reason then it is possible that the client may be suffering from a thyroid condition. encourages our experienced members to share their knowledge with the community by submitting Educational Articles to our Editorial Team. This Article discusses how to submit an Educational Article and the benefits to the author.

An Infomercial Article is a paid advertisement that is a powerful form of marketing, a mixture of Information Article & Commercial Advertising, there are numerous kinds Infomercials and they are only limited by your imagination, want to know more?