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When Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Beckenstein contacted me asking for training in Medical Tattooing for himself and his staff in Birmingham Alabama at first I did not realize that he was one of the USA's leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

From eyeliner to eye shadow women are becoming more adventurous than ever before, have you been brave enough to create a more striking version of you?

Understanding your clients natural disposition can help you to personalize their service and increase satisfaction levels.

How to Choose Your PMU Artist

Published: 26/07/2014 by Aurestelle in Beauty Blog

What is are the important questions to ask when you select a Micropigmentation specialist? I asked a group of customers and some experts to share their insights.

Hair Transplant scars may sometimes look a little ugly but we discover something even more ugly taking place within the Scalp MicroPigmentation industry.

The Welsh government in the UK has detailed their proposal for a National Special Procedures Register in Wales via a white-paper that may result in stricter regulations for semi-permanent skin colouring aka Cosmetic Tattooing.

Get Your Pout Out

Published: 13/03/2014 by Mali Moss in Beauty Blog

'Get Your Pout Out'

Now you can get the pout you have always dreamed of using the wonders of Permanent Make-Up.

Eyeliner tattooing is increasing in popularity, this article examines some of the reasons why technicians have experienced adverse outcomes for their clients and the causes. has just had its first birthday and its time to review our performance.

Personal Protective Equipment not only provides protection for the technician but also for the client by minimising the risk of cross infections, but many permanent makeup technicians appear to be uncertain about their obligations.