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Hair Transplant scars may sometimes look a little ugly but we discover something even more ugly taking place within the Scalp MicroPigmentation industry.

The Welsh government in the UK has detailed their proposal for a National Special Procedures Register in Wales via a white-paper that may result in stricter regulations for semi-permanent skin colouring aka Cosmetic Tattooing.

Regulators in NSW Australia have introduced strict new licensing requirements in an effort to get tough on crime gangs that are dominating the body art industry in that state.

There are signs that Smart Tattoos may become an integral part of our future for a variety of purposes, art may be poised to cross over into function as technology catches up with the humble tattoo.

ParaMedical Tattooists are often asked to provide a Cosmetic/Camouflage services for clients in situations where the various medical treatment options have been exhausted, meanwhile back in the lab scientists are looking for more permanent solutions.