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Surface cleaning wipes always help to remove unwanted micro-organisms from the salon surfaces ... or do they?

Many consumers are aware there are the required hygiene standards and then those who exceed the required standards, now one council in the UK has introduced a rating system for tattooists to help consumers identify those making the extra effort.

How to Choose Your PMU Artist

Published: 26/07/2014 by Aurestelle in Beauty Blog

What is are the important questions to ask when you select a Micropigmentation specialist? I asked a group of customers and some experts to share their insights. has just had its first birthday and its time to review our performance.

Our Back-Link Logo feature helps to promote a members business and lift the profile of at the same time which in turn helps to promote all our Members.

There has been an explosion in Group Marketing sites in the past 2-3 years and it does not look as if the phenomenon is going to die out any time soon. Everybody loves a good deal, but do group buying site really offer a good deal for businesses?

Clients/Patients who have darker skin tones may be more susceptible to a condition called Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation or PIH for short. Clients who have or may develop PIH have hyperactive melanocyte cells in their skin.