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Special Presentation at Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo 2013

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Published: 27/08/2013

Abstract: I recently delivered a special presentation at the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo "Adding Cosmetic Tattoo to Your Salon" this article summarises some of the key points from the presentation.

by Andrea Darby - Master Medical Tattooist

When the event organisers from the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo contacted me about delivering a special presentation at the 2013 expo I was quite honoured when they explained that this was the first time that Cosmetic Tattooing had featured in their educational workshops.

There is no question that Cosmetic Tattooing is a rapidly evolving industry and we have a diverse range of technicians offering services and yet at the same time there are still lots of people who have never heard of cosmetic tattooing. Events such as expos offer an opportunity to raise the profile of the industry, provide information to those thinking about a career and disseminate new information to existing industry members.

We really wanted to give the attendees their monies worth so our program ended up being 4 presentations in one;

  • A power point presentation packed with 100 overheads of detailed information
  • A live demonstration of an advanced lip tattooing procedure
  • A presentation about the new Amiea-Vytal MicroLifting service
  • A display setup with hands on use of 5 different cosmetic tattoo machines

All to be delivered within a 3 hour presentation, as you can appreciate preparation and timing was essential.

Adding Cosmetic Tattooing to Your Salon

We originally informed the event organisers that our team needed 1 hour in the presentation room to prepare our setup, Reed Exhibitions ended up really putting my team though their paces because at the last minute they shortened that down to just 30 minutes and they also permitted the previous demonstration to run overtime leaving us less than 20 minutes to perform our setup. We also found that many of the essential pieces of equipment were not provided in the room as was promised and we had to scramble during the presentation with little support form the event organisers to adapt to the deficiencies that we were presented with.

I am very proud of how professional my team members performed under that kind of pressure all credit to my assistant on the day and also to my partner Derek for adapting so quickly and working that much harder to make the event a success in spite of the challenges.

For those who were not fortunate enough to attend the presentation I will provide a brief summary of some information from the event.

7 Simple Principles for a Successful Cosmetic Tattoo Business

I consider there to be 7 fairly simple principles to running a successful cosmetic tattoo business;

  1. Comprehensive Training

  2. High Quality Equipment

  3. Medical Grade Consumables

  4. Clinical Procedural Standards

  5. Premium Quality Pigments

  6. High Quality Results

  7. Marketing & Collaboration

Under each of these headings my presentation provided detailed information on the methodology and the rationale for each choice as well as highlighting the pitfalls that technicians sometimes experience due to incorrect advice about products and techniques. I regularly have client bookings as much as 4-5 months in advance due to practicing these principles and most clients are prepared to wait a little longer for their appointment because they know that I follow these principles.

I have the greatest respect for those trained cosmetic tattooists who attended our presentation, which was primarily directed towards those wishing to add the service of cosmetic tattooing to their salon, some of those who attended were technicians with many years of experience. It is always saddening to hear of a technician who believes that they have nothing more to learn. Our industry is moving faster than ever before and I anticipate that I will continue to learn from others for the rest of my career I believe I owe it to my clients to keep up to date with advancements so that my services remain contemporary, it is a pleasure to spend time with others who have the same philosophy.

Andrea demonstrating lip volumising tattooing
Andrea demonstrating lip volumising

After the formal part of the presentation I provided a live demonstration of a lip volumising technique that I developed a few years ago, there are several variations on this technique being used across the industry by a number of master trainers who developed their own methods independently from each other. Although there are variations on this technique essentially they all rely upon the use of light and shade, the creation of highlight regions and sometimes the reshaping of the lip to provide the appearance of a fuller poutier lip without the use of fillers, you can see an example of the effect in the before and after pictures below.

Before & After Lip Volumising Tattooing

Amiea-Vytal is a fairly new treatment concept that is much gentler than some other skin treatments because it only gently agitates dead skin of epidermis and slowly oozes the vytal formulas onto the skin surface, the gental agitation helps to activate the skins natural collagen to improve the skins structure and vitality.

Amiea MESO-Vytal

The presentation on Amiea-Vytal treatmentshowed the attendees how quick, painless and easy the cosmetic treatments are to provide.

Attendees were also fortunate enough to be given a preview of an advanced prototype of the Amiea Sense, I have been testing this device and reporting back to the manufacturer for close to a year now as they fine tune the product for final release.

One of the key benefits that our students and customers have is access to a Master Trainer who provides direct feedback to the manufacturer for product development and of course it is a two way street because the manufacturer also provides me advance information as and when required. We actually add value to the products we provide with our own expert knowledge, skills, training, and publications.

Amiea Sense

I am pleased that our presentation was such a success, we have had some very positive feedback from the attendees and I look forward to providing some more presentations in the near future because we have lots more to share.

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