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Updates about interesting or topical regulatory action related to Cosmetic Tattooing from around the globe.

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There are numerous technicians and suppliers importing tattoo inks and cosmetic tattoo pigments into Australia but how many of them are actually in compliance with Australian Laws & Regulations?

Numerous professionally qualified Cosmetic Tattooists have requested assistance with communicating their concerns to local health regulators regarding the application of regulations to MicroBlading services.

Many consumers are aware there are the required hygiene standards and then those who exceed the required standards, now one council in the UK has introduced a rating system for tattooists to help consumers identify those making the extra effort.

Professional conduct requires appropriate attribution and citation to authors and rights holders where information has been utilized in the creation of new publications or course delivery, Attribution or Plagiarism, which road will you choose?

The Welsh government in the UK has detailed their proposal for a National Special Procedures Register in Wales via a white-paper that may result in stricter regulations for semi-permanent skin colouring aka Cosmetic Tattooing.

If you are considering undergoing areola tattooing then this article contains important information that will assist you to make an informed choice about your selection of service provider.

Regulators in NSW Australia have introduced strict new licensing requirements in an effort to get tough on crime gangs that are dominating the body art industry in that state.

Regulators in Washington D.C. are proposing new restriction on Tattoo Parlours that include a 24 hour wait before tattooing the customer.