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Our exhaustive review of the medical and scientific literature shows a staggering growth in the number of publications over the past 145 years, in particular over the past 50 years there has been an average decade on decade growth of 81.5%

Mucosal tattooing and packed eyeliner cosmetic tattoo treatments are controversial, advocates say they can perform them safely but others are not so sure, this article discusses the current research. has developed guidelines for cosmetic tattoo training standards that will assist course participants to gauge which training events are in compliance with minimum international benchmarks for vocational education.

The number of cancer-in-tattoo case reports in the medical literature is extremely low, technicians may be tempted to make assumptions about the statistics, in this article we compare the statistics to what might be expected on a random basis.

Cosmetic Tattooists may discover that their client is using a lash or brow growth enhancing serum, this article discusses the potential problems associated with tattooing for those clients.

This article sheds some light on the factors that influence the colour of a cosmetic tattoo and touches on the science behind the concepts.

Surface cleaning wipes always help to remove unwanted micro-organisms from the salon surfaces ... or do they?

The best way to deal with a conflict related to cosmetic tattooing is to endeavour to prevent conflict from occurring in the first place, this article discusses some useful strategies for preventing and managing disputes.

Cosmetic Tattooist often talk about warm or cool colours when discussing their clients skin tones or the colour of a pigment but are we all talking about the same thing and does it help us with our work?

Plastic surgeon and breast reconstruction specialist, Michael S. Beckenstein, M.D. describes the importance of nipple areolar reconstruction is to the overall process of breast reconstruction.