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Numerous professionally qualified Cosmetic Tattooists have requested assistance with communicating their concerns to local health regulators regarding the application of regulations to MicroBlading services.

MicroBlading has become the fastest growing segment of the cosmetic tattoo industry and traditional education pathways are being bypassed, we take a closer look.

Surface cleaning wipes always help to remove unwanted micro-organisms from the salon surfaces ... or do they?

Personal Protective Equipment not only provides protection for the technician but also for the client by minimising the risk of cross infections, but many permanent makeup technicians appear to be uncertain about their obligations.

If you are considering undergoing areola tattooing then this article contains important information that will assist you to make an informed choice about your selection of service provider.

There is limited data in relation to nosocomial type infections acquired in Cosmetic Tattoo Salon-Clinic settings, this article highlights some of the potential areas of concern in the prevention of Salon Acquired Infections.

Your cosmetic tattoo hand piece could become contaminated with your client’s bodily fluids during a procedure and as most hand piece motors are not autoclavable it is important to disinfect your and to cover your hand piece to prevent cross infection