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Found 7 records | Page 1 of 1 has developed guidelines for cosmetic tattoo training standards that will assist course participants to gauge which training events are in compliance with minimum international benchmarks for vocational education.

The number of cancer-in-tattoo case reports in the medical literature is extremely low, technicians may be tempted to make assumptions about the statistics, in this article we compare the statistics to what might be expected on a random basis.

Nokia filed a patent application for a magnetic vibrating tattoo or patch which would detect a signal from a magnetic field and then transmit that signal to a person by vibrating the tattoo or patch, sounds like Diametric Particle Agitation to us.

Executive Group Member Andrea Darby had the honor of being invited to Collaborate & Consult with the matriarch of modern Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing Dr. Linda Dixon in Hawaii, in this article we get to know the woman behind the immense reputation.

Many cosmetic Tattooists have told us that their basic training did not cover client pre-treatment screening very well, they dont know what questions to ask or what to advise the client if they answer yes to specific questions, we discuss this topic!

Colour is a complex topic with many variables, it is also an important topic for Cosmetic Tattooists and this series of articles will attempt to demystify the subject and will focus on content that will assist technicians to achieve better outcomes.

You may encounter a middle aged client who presents for Cosmetic Tattooing with unexplained loss of hair in their outer eyebrows, if there appears to be no obvious reason then it is possible that the client may be suffering from a thyroid condition.