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Surface cleaning wipes always help to remove unwanted micro-organisms from the salon surfaces ... or do they?

Australia now has a CMI

Published: 14/11/2014 by Chris Adams in Educational Articles

Australia now has a Cosmetic and Medical Tattoo Instructor who has been Board Certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

Imagine getting a body art tattoo from a vending machine or a visiting a tattoo parlor and having a robot tattooist perform the work, sounds like science fiction right ... but wait a minute!

Hair Transplant scars may sometimes look a little ugly but we discover something even more ugly taking place within the Scalp MicroPigmentation industry.

There are signs that Smart Tattoos may become an integral part of our future for a variety of purposes, art may be poised to cross over into function as technology catches up with the humble tattoo.

I recently delivered a special presentation at the Sydney Spa & Beauty Expo "Adding Cosmetic Tattoo to Your Salon" this article summarises some of the key points from the presentation.

Nokia filed a patent application for a magnetic vibrating tattoo or patch which would detect a signal from a magnetic field and then transmit that signal to a person by vibrating the tattoo or patch, sounds like Diametric Particle Agitation to us.

A recent survey conducted by Dermatologists at the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK found that close to one in three regretted having their tattoo.

Executive Group Member Andrea Darby had the honor of being invited to Collaborate & Consult with the matriarch of modern Cosmetic & Medical Tattooing Dr. Linda Dixon in Hawaii, in this article we get to know the woman behind the immense reputation.

Using the mainstream media to market your Cosmetic Tattoo business can be quite enticing, with the potential for widespread free exposure, BUT it can also go horribly wrong and end up doing your brand more harm than good.