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Published: 13/03/2014

Abstract: 'Get Your Pout Out' Now you can get the pout you have always dreamed of using the wonders of Permanent Make-Up.

by Mali Moss

When flicking though the fashion mags the question on your lips (excuse the pun) may very well be;

How can I get gorgeous lips like her?

Why do mine look so thin?

Why don't mine have any definition?

Why does her lipstick never seem to smudge?

Sexy Lips

When I daydream, in my own mind this is how I look, OK so maybe feathers are not your thing, but you get the picture we all want sexy lips right!

If you beat yourself up about not having the lips that you want, ... no strike that, that you deserve, and you still have not found an answer, let me tell you there IS a solution Permanent Make Up!

Girls, granted it should look natural and subtle, thanks to the magic of Permanent it can be.

I personally am ok with the shape and definition of my lips, however, I am not so happy with my top lip when I smile. It seems to pull the cupids bow so much so that all I have is a vague and thin line, I end up losing a little of the top lip definition. If you have similar issues with your lips like me then apparently this can be fixed with a permanent lip liner and blend.

Mali - Too Cool for School

That would help sort out both of those niggling little issues with my lips and would save me a lot of time looking at all my photos wondering if my top lip has gone on vacation to without me?

My friend on the other hand always complains that she wishes she had more lip colour. I always comfort her by saying 'everyone has their own unique lip colour', although I do agree that hers are rather a pale shade, with PMU this too can be solved. There are so many gorgeous natural shades of lip colours to bring your pout to life.

Think about it, what colour would you go for?
Would it be a dusky nude pink, a vibrant hot pink or a completely different tone altogether?

Lip Colours

Yes, these days there are so many undercoats, lipsticks, lip balms with a hint of colour, lip liners and glosses etc out there to choose from, wouldnt it be great though to not have to dive into your make up drawer or handbag just to find your favourite lippie?

And when you have finally found it don't you hate it when you realise it's melted into the lid, gone into a funny shape, gone everywhere or gone altogether!!

With permanent make up you do not get any of that. Those who have say it saves so much time that I reckon I could actually cut down half my trips to the mirror every day! It sounds a little silly but we are all guilty of taking a bit too long to get the makeup results we want. With PMU we girls can wake up and have sumptuous plump lips around the clock.

I think what's not to like?


Recently I have become so obsessed with this topic I have asked pretty much everyone I know what they would change about their lips if they had the chance. Nothing like prying into other people's insecurities but hey that's me! A few said 'oh the shape, they aren't symmetrical', some said 'my main thing is my lip line is uneven' but the majority said 'it is the lack of fullness'.

Personally I am not so keen on the idea of lip fillers because more often than not they look overdone and unnatural, but with lip tattooing you can increase the size and shape of your lips and with the use of different shades you can even create the illusion of a fuller poutier lip, like the ones in this article.

I was told by a friend who is a permanent make up artist that the beauty of permanent make up is you can correct problems with the shape and redesign your lips. With availability of treatment centres out there now the service has become readily accessible to most people and I think the cost is affordable compared to what I currently spend on lippie.

Now everyone has the chance to get the lips they want .... deserve and it lasts longer than any regular lipstick on the market.

As each day passes none of us are getting any younger (as if you needed reminding, sorry) and time has a way of adding lines around our lips and even making our lip line fade away, lip tattooing can even help with those problems too.

So girls, what are you waiting for......go on, Get Your Pout Out!!

Happy lip shopping!!

Mali Moss
Mali Moss

Freelance Writer & Blogger

United Kingdom