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Following Others on Facebook

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Published: 12/02/2013

Abstract: This article explains how to turn news/page feed on or off to follow a page on facebook.

by Marketing Team

We sometimes get support requests relating to members facebook accounts and generally our suggestion is for the member to have a read of the relevent information within facebooks knowledge base or to contact facebook support.

Here is a Link to Facebook Help Centre

We do understand that facebook can be quite frustrating for some users because in spite of its popularity facebook is not as straightforward as it could be given that its functionality is quite limited. Even though CosmetictTatoo.org has a facebook page unfortunately we cannot offer support for their site because we do not administer it and have no control over its functionality.

However there is one particular topic that may be of interest to some of our members who might be struggling to find the answers that they need;

How do you turn the News/Page feed on or off for another page?

If a facebook page turns on "Follow" within their account settings that permits others to see posts to their facebook page from within their own News/Page feed so that they can keep abreast of the latest information and activity on the other facebook account.


For example in the screen capture below you can see that the page is following the CosmeticTattoo.org facebook page in their News and Pages Feed


Facebook News Feed

To follow a page (that has follow activated on their account) and to add them to your News & Page Feeds you simply do the following;

1) Log in to you facebook account
2) Open the facebbook page that you wish to follow
3) On the like button at the top of the page activate the "Show in News Feed" option.


How to follow a facebook page

In most instances if you like a page that has activated follow on their account their page will automatically show up in your news feed.


If you "Liked" a page but did not want their posts showing up in your News/Page feed you simply do the following.

1) Log in to you facebook account
2) Open the facebbook page that you wish to un-follow
3) On the like button at the top of the page untick the "Show in News Feed" option.


Un-Follow a Facebook Page

How simple is that!


For more information on Facebook Follow click here.