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Striking Geometric design- Lady Gaga

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Published: 19/08/2014

Abstract: From eyeliner to eye shadow women are becoming more adventurous than ever before, have you been brave enough to create a more striking version of you?

by Mali Moss

While the above look may not be to everyone’s taste, it just goes to show how dramatic some women are willing to go with their makeup looks. The geometric eye is the latest trend taking us by storm and I think it is putting the fun back into experimenting with new creations.

This is in fact Lady Gaga…Enough said you may be thinking?!


Wait, scrap that, women are not only thinking that they ARE most definitely choosing that!!

She is one person, whose name always springs to my mind when thinking of people who are in the category that define ‘extreme’ in regards to exaggerated eye make up looks.


Deep down though, I think a lot of woman, including myself, actually take our hats off and admire, or, some may go as far as envy her for pushing what we class as normal boundaries and being able to pull off such looks, even if we may not admit it out loud! Seriously though, who else could get away with walking out the house looking like they’re wearing a whole eye shadow palette on their eyelids at any one given time?!

Boundaries....What boundaries??

Technically, there aren’t any really; there is nothing out there to suggest that as a person we must follow a specific structured makeup routine to which everyone must abide by.

We are all able to uniquely express ourselves by using different makeup techniques and open guidance by experts is easily found as to what styles and colours will suit and enhance our face shapes best etc. Some still believe on to the mantra of 'less is more' but others believe 'the bolder, the better' so really whatever way you look at it, it boils down to personal preference and what you are happy to wear on your face!!

The key point here is that women are no longer the meek oppressed conformist that society expected them to be in the past, now women are bold adventurous and we decide what is right for us without any apologies for being different.

We are taking inspiration from different sources, whether it be what we see on the T.V., see on the internet, via social media channels, or even just the trends we come across on a daily basis on the street, through our different walks of life. We are trying to ‘break the mould’ and why the hell not? When we flick through our favourite celebrity magazines or see the models walk the runway, we see them rocking so many new crazy, whacky out there trends which our eyes are drawn to like magnets! Then, wherever we are, we stop dead in our tracks and think to ourselves; hmmmm I wonder if I could pull that off?

Maybe I will try and recreate this look when I get home'……sure why not?!

After all, they do say; ‘If you have got it, flaunt it’!!

Whilst out on one of my shop browsing excursions, while prowling all the brightly lit up make-up aisles and counters, (which, come to think of it, probably explains where so much of my money has gone) I think why just buy one boring block colour of eye shadow when they now have an array of colours and shades all in one ‘wheel’, shades that will complement and look in harmony with each other when applied.

You can even buy eye shadow stick on transfers which already have the pigments fully loaded on them and are ready to fit to the shape of your eye when you lay it on the lid, in order to create and leave abstract designs behind. This can all be done at home with ease. These can also be a great option if you are just testing out some new looks on yourself or getting used to a certain look before you take the plunge into making it a more permanent move with something like permanent eye-shadow makeup.

I myself am a huge fan of those distinguishing makeup characteristics of the 1960’s era and always will be. There’s just something about the gigantic bouffant hair, the plush, immaculately groomed brows but really the centre focus and main attraction was, sorry still is all about; The Eyes!!

If we look back they are strikingly stunning looks that deserved to become iconic, and rightly so…. or should I say eye-conic!!

There were two main eye shadow looks in the 1960s: matte, bold pastels and the smouldering, smoky shades. Of course we mustn’t forget the skyscraper lashes and elegant winged liner which finished the look off perfectly to ooze sophistication. We are now finding new ways and techniques to enhance that classic look and add our own twists and takes on it, whether it be to extend the liner or use different shades and tones of colour to create different illusions.

I have been assured by cosmetic tattoo professionals, who have both their own clinics and client base already established, that we can even achieve a range of subtle geometric looks with permanent makeup. Looks which wont smudge like regular makeup and have the lasting power we crave.

At the same time we can save ourselves endless minutes and countless frustrating moments of trying to blend numerous shades, not forgetting applying the numerous layers of eye shadow needed to get the perfect contoured eye, (fun as it may be playing with all the different pigments), or repeatedly trying to straighten out the wiggly winged liner we have put down on the eyelid, which ends up being twice the width it was originally supposed to be; I cannot help but have a little giggle right about now, along with a few flashbacks coming to the forefront of my mind! :)


Sound familiar by any chance?! Trust me; many a time have I been there with a baby wipe trying to ‘fix’ my heavy handed attempts.


I have several friends who have had their eyeliner and eye shadow applied with permanent makeup and they couldn’t be more delighted with the results. When they went on holiday, for example, they didn’t have to lose any beach or pool time as they could get up in the morning, apply a slick of lip balm and dust the cheeks with a little bronzer and be ready to go, looking completely wonderful. All because they had made the decision to revamp themselves on a more permanent basis and look a better version of themselves, all the time.


We are all seeking more permanent solutions to indulge in and look our best, full time!

Embrace standing out from the crowd, be brave, be bold and be beautiful, be YOU!


Mali xxx

Mali Moss
Mali Moss


Freelance Writer & Blogger

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