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Published: 07/01/2013

Abstract: Some Members have experienced problems pasting information from word documents and other files into our Articles Rich Text editor when using Firefox web browser, we explain how to resolve this problem with firefox.

by Education Team

Are you are using Firefox as your web browser and if so are you having difficulty copying and pasting from a word document or another file into our Articles rich text editor?

This problem occurs because in Firefox the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands will not work by default for rich text editor applications, but you can easily enable copy and paste when visiting

To enable copy and paste from a Word document or other documents into our Articles rich text editor you need modify your browser preferences as per the simple instructions below.


  1. On your Firefox button, go over to the Help menu bar click the 'Help' button and then select 'Troubleshooting Information'.
    The Troubleshooting Information tab will open.
  2. Under the Application Basics section next to 'Profile Folder', click on the Show Folder button.
    A window with your profile files will open, keep this folder open.
  3. Now download the file on this link (right click and 'save as') and save it into the folder that you opened in step 2. above.
  4. Shut down Firefox and restart it and you should now be able to copy and paste from a document into our Articles Rich Text editor.

NB. The above only enables copy and paste for not for other websites, for further information you can read the Mozilla publication about the issue with their browser security restrictions on this link.


The Education Team

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