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Published: 04/10/2013

Abstract: There is a lot of speculation about which celebrities have permanent makeup and who has the perfect brows, its all a matter of taste.

by Aurestelle

Whenever I get together with the girls inevitably we start talking about different celebrities and it does not take long before the topic gets around to who has the nicest eyebrows. Almost everyone has a different opinion on this topic,

My girl Tina thinks that Miranda Kerr has sweet brows ... hmm

My sister Francis likes Megan Fox's bold brow look ... getting better

My BFF Sal thinks that Angelina Jolie has the sexiest and most sophisticated eyebrows of any woman who ever graced the red carpet ... ok I wont argue, Angelina's brows definitely are classy and elegant. 


Angelina Jolie - Permanent Makeup?

Sal also reckons that Angelina's brows are
au naturel apart from some shaping, but then again Sal is also convinced Elvis is still alive. Who knows maybe Sal is right and Angelina was just born with those sculptured brows, but I kinda think that she might have had some permanent makeup done to add some background colour and some feathering strokes to give them more dimension.


Angelina Jolie Eyebrows

When the topic of conversation gets around to having eyebrow tattooing the girls cant seem to agree on that either, some like the look of a solid colour similar to using an eyebrow pencil, some like a bit of dusky background colour and feather strokes to add body ala Angelina, and others like the look of fine individual hair strokes.

The cosmetic tattoo experts here tell me that they use different techniques for different situations and eyebrows need to be designed with the client to match the shape of a woman's face. That sounds just perfect to me what could be better than actually getting to help design an eyebrow that suits your face and your own individual taste in brows. We all have different tastes and getting to choose the eyebrows you want is not just for the lucky girls who get to walk on the red carpet its an option that all of us have!

Permanent Makeup, Oooh Yea!

Permanent Makeup gives us girls the chance to have the eyebrows we have always dreamed of.

I think that's pretty cool

Aesthetics by Aurestelle


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